Investigators Believe Arson Is Linked To Rival Drug Dealers

A house goes up in flames and is destroyed in Longview. Fire investigators say it's arson, and is linked to a rival group of drug dealers.

Fire fighters were called to the scene around noon, yesterday. The fire started on the 1000th block of North 9th street in Longview.

Investigators suspect rival drug dealers are to blame for the recent arson. They believe the same group is also responsible for several other arsons in Longview.

The house was not occupied at the time; hoowever, investigators say someone must have seen the house go up in flames, since it happened early in the afternoon. Invetigators  need your help in finding them.

Mark Moore, Fire investigator for the Longview fire department said, "This fire was linked to several other suspects that we are looking at on some other fires. Right now, we are following some leads to get these people in custody. This house was used for narcotic trafficking."

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the fire. This is the 54th arson investigated over the past year.