Texas College Response To Campus Disturbance

Monday, for the first time, the President of Texas College spoke publicly about last week's disturbance at the school gym.

Last Tuesday night Tyler Police were called out to the campus. When the police arrived at the school, they say hundreds of students were outside, some of them fighting. Pepper powder was used and five people were arrested.

At a press conference, President Billy Hawkins said the incident should have been handled better by both the school and police.

"We are not trying to throw mud at the Tyler Police Department. I hope you heard the statement that I made. We are not trying to do that, in my opinion their is fault on both sides of the isle. I think I made myself clear that I invite sitting down with the Tyler Police Department and how to avoid whatever happened here, not happening again," Dr. Billy Hawkins, President of Texas College.

Doctor Hawkins says any student or organization that contributed to the disturbance has been placed on administrative suspension. Those students will be on suspension ion until an on campus judicial hearing can be scheduled.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com