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Longview Bad Restaurant Report

        5 Longview area restaurants received the most serious violations in the latest round of inspections, including "Taste of Asia" at 2026 West Loop 281. 9 violations were found in a February 13th inspection. Hot and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures, there were unsanitary food prep areas, and hygienic violations among employees. They scored a C.

     8 violations were found in a February 3rd inspection of Cantons at 2010 east Marshall avenue. There were unsanitary food prep areas, cold foods at improper temperatures, an toxic items improperly labeled and stored. They scored a C.

     Jacks natural foods at 2199 Gilmer road had 6 violations in a march 2nd inspection. Cold foods were held at dangerous temperatures and toxic items were improperly labeled and stored near foods. They scored a C.

    7 violations were found at Popeyes fried chicken at 217 east Marshall. Inspected February 1st evidence of roach infestation was found, food contact surfaces were uncleaned and there was improper handling of foods. They scored a B.

   And the Waffle shoppe at 707 west Marshall had 7 violations in a February 20th inspection. There was evidence of roach infestation, and hot and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures. They scored a B.

   All reports are provided by the Longview environmental health department. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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