Hank Williams III Plays Longview

A performer with very impressive bloodline, chose to kick off his U.S. tour in Longview Sunday. At first glance, you might never have any idea who this young musician is. He's the grandson of country music legend Hank Williams, the son of current country star Hank Williams Junior. He's Hank Williams III, but calls himself "Hank three".

"He's like his grand-dad but he's not. He's like his dad but he's not. I'm my own individual person," says Williams.

He's kicking off his current tour, starting at Canton's in Longview. His act is something different, and his band is a little different. He sings his grandfather's songs, a little rockabilly and he's also a heavy metal rock-head banger.  "We've definitely carved out our own nitch. There's a lot of expectations from people since on a good day I might sound a little more like dad," he says.

He calls it a Jekyll and Hyde act, and makes no apologies for his own unique sound apart from his bloodline. On good terms with his father, they see little of each other, being on tour so often.  "He respects what I'm out here doing and I love him as a father and entertainer," he says. But he's grateful for what's been passed down through his family.

"It's in the blood. There are things I get from Hank Williams and some attitude things I get from Hank junior," says Hank.

"Hank three" has been touring and performing for 14 years, and says after this tour he hopes to visit his father so they can sit down and catch up.

Bob Hallmark reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com