Arp Gets Bragging Rights

One day after the big win, Arp is full of Tiger team spirit.  "It put us on the map. Excitement, it's not even a word compared to this," said Arp High School senior Annie McPike. "One thing it's done is, it's brought the community together more, I believe," said cheerleading sponsor, Debbie Frazier.

The 65-49 win over Ponder is the first championship in Arp's history, and everyone here is enjoying the bragging rights. "School is the center of this community to begin with. We got a couple of businesses in town, and everything else is the school. So, everybody rallies around the kids. Where they go, we go," Frazier said.

Eduarda Normande is an exchange student at Arp High School. She's followed the team all season long, and she was at the championship game last night. "Basketball in Brazil is not a big deal. Soccer's a big deal, but basketball here is much better. I scream a lot. I like when Sedrick dunked the ball. I've never seen that before," said Normande.

John Wills has coached all over East Texas, and retired in Arp. He's been a part of a lot of winning teams, but this one was close to home. "When you have a grandson on the team, that's the best. We had the best team, and the best players. There was no doubt about it, and we proved it," Wills said.

When the game was over, the team and fans celebrated. Some, simply by screaming and yelling. Others, by picking up a souvenir to remember the day. "We saw a sign that said, 'Goats for sale' and we bought a goat for $15. We named him Champ Austin," McPike said.

Now, Champ Austin remind everyone he meets of 2006 State Champion Arp Tigers.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting,