"Soapbox" Style Derby Held In Longview

The East Texas version of the "soapbox derby" was held today in Longview. The Third Annual Downhill Derby was held at Fellowship Baptist Church. Kids from ages five to 12 entered the event which raises money for youth missions among area churches. The racers slide off a ramp and down an incline over a 50-yard course. The racing carts are built exactly alike with exact weights, meaning the kids' skill level is the only variable. Many scoped out their strategy for winning,

"When you're going down the ramp you lean back then when you get smooth and stuff you lean forward and you'll start going faster. This is my first year. It's been really fun. At first the first time I ran I was scared because I've never done it before," said 9-year-old racer Kyle Sutton.

Trophies were awarded to all of the children at the end of the races.