Kilgore Fire Victims Get Red Cross Assistance

The ATF has now joined in the investigation to find out what sparked a massive fire at a Kilgore apartment complex. More than 20 families lost their homes in the fire at the Rocky Ridge apartments on North Henderson street. The blaze spread through the apartments, then to a neighboring duplex and chiropractic clinic. Investigators say the fire started in the south part of the complex, spread up into the attic, and ran down the length of the cause has been found.

The look on the faces of the victims a day later was enough to tell the story.

"I feel like I just want someone to hit me and wake me up and tell me its a dream" said fire victim Holly Hawkins.

Many of the families are low-income, and what little they had was taken by the fire.

"Its kind of hard to lose everything sentimental things like pictures and stuff you can't replace that stuff" said resident Robert Mitchell.

"I lost my clothes I lost my game I lost my TV I lost my house" said one child who lived at the apartments.

Holly Hawkins already lost one house to fire in Port Arthur, then another home to hurricane "Rita"...she had lived here 4 months when disaster found her again.

"Moving here from the hurricane, this is the third time to regroup my life and to build it back up with furniture and everything" said Hunter.

The red cross is working to get them back on their feet, but most take strength from those trying to help them.

"When you've got family and friends that helps a lot" said Mitchell.

The red cross is now coordinating relief efforts to take care of immediate needs. The "Piney Woods" chapter number is 903-753-2091. They are asking anyone who wants to donate clothes or other items to call them first to see what is needed.

Bob Hallmark reporting.