No Vote On Smith County Jail Project

Another special meeting, and still no decision on the Smith County Jail. This afternoon, Smith County Commissioners got another look at the cost of building the jail downtown, but say there are more calculations needed. They heard from architects who said their guaranteed maximum price for the project is $79,965,660. That's $6,510,562 more than the "maximum price" for the remote location.

"The architects and construction managers have done an incredible job to get the costs down but the costs are what they are and you can't cut if the price of steel is X number of dollars. You can't cut if the price of concrete is X dollars," said Smith County Judge Becky Dempsey.

Some of the other dollar amounts commissioners need before making their decision include property price and demolition costs. Commissioners are expected to have those in on Monday. Monday is the deadline for commissioners to make a decision on a May bond election.

Oralia Ortega reporting,