Winds Cause Damage In Wood County

Strong winds made for dangerous weather conditions overnight. The Wood County Sheriff's Department says it received five alarm calls that could have been weather related.

In Mineola, a billboard sign was knocked over on its side. Workers said they could not believe the strength of mother nature.

About 25 miles away, in the East Point community, a barn on F.M. 312 was partially destroyed by heavy winds.  Glenda Saxon-Puryear, the homeowner, says she's lucky the barn was all she lost.  "It's a shock. We're all humans and we don't like to lose anything," said the life-long East Point resident. Glenda woke up to a mangled mess this morning.

Glenda's son, Rocky Lancaster, says he was worried last night when he heard how loud the wind was blowing outside. "These old pine trees, you could hear that wind howling through them. It seemed to quit for a little bit and it came right back and it lasted for two to three hours," said Lancaster.

In the morning, Lancaster saw what the wind had done to the barn his mother built 13 years ago. "My son walked out on the porch this morning to have his cigarette and said, 'Mom, come here.' The top of the track room is gone," said Glenda. Two of the stalls were destroyed, but part of the barn was spared.

Glenda says she's just glad her home is OK and so were her beloved animals. Glenda says she has insurance and plans to rebuilt her barn. She says she just won't do it in the same place because she thinks that's bad luck.

Oralia Ortega reporting,