Witness Account Of What Happened At Texas College

More than two dozen police were called to the school within a matter of minutes when a fight broke out in the gym. Almost everyone we've spoken to has a different story about exactly what happened.

Jessica Gowdy was there.

She said, "It started with two people, and innocent people were getting hit, and that caused a lot more people to fight."

Jessica says as many as fifty people may have been involved, before police arrived. Event organizers made everyone move outside. What happened next is unclear.

One student we spoke with, who didn't want to be on camera, told us he saw multiple fights taking place outside the gym when police arrived.

Others say that's not what they remember.

Another witness, Andrea Redwine said, "By the time police showed up, the fights had stopped and people were just standing."

Everyone agrees on what happened next. Students say while police were trying to get the crowd to dispurse, a young mother approached them.

"They were telling her to go, and she was trying to explain to them that her ride wasn't there yet. And that's when they just sprayed her.  Once everybody found out that babies were getting sprayed and hit, I think that's what triggered everybody to just start fighting everybody," Jessica said.

Jessica says she was trying to leave with her laptop computer in hand, when she saw police headed for her.

"So, we're just walking or whatever, and all of a sudden, I just get maced in the face," Jessica said.

Several students we spoke with said the entire event might have been avoided, if there had been more campus security to begin with. We tried multiple times to reach Texas College for a comment. They never responded.

However, they did issue a statement late last night that stressed "...the importance a better working relationship between the community, the police and our students, so that fear does not play a part when police come to a minority campus."

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com