Gift of Love:Zoi, Adorable 6 Year Old

"I got a ticket. No, I got two tickets," says Zoi pulling the small tickets out of a game with her blonde ponytails swinging beside her small ears.

When 6 year old Zoi is around, there is usually a song in the air, from her sweet angelic voice. When we met her at Chuck E. Cheeses it wasn't long before she was singing the "Barney" song.

"Zoi she is very bright. She's very creative. She's inquisitive. She likes to know the why's of things," says Debora Sale, Child Protective Services caseworker.

She does well in school and her teachers say she is a blessing to have in class. What does Zoi like best about kindergarten? "Um, I like the play ground."

Zoi also likes to be the center of attention and be the leader. This little girl likes to play with dolls too, but her favorite toy? "My jump rope."

She never meets a stranger and is a joy to be around. As we went from game to game, she breaks into song again. This time singing, "Yankee, doodle."

When you consider her past, it's amazing this little girl has a song in her heart. Because of abuse and neglect, she was removed from her home and placed in foster care about a year and a half ago. Zoi desperately wants to be loved.

"She's seeking love and she wants to give that too. She wants to give hugs to people that she knows," says Debora.

Because of her past, Zoi requires a lot of attention and is extremely sensitive. But she has grown a lot this past year and will continue to grow with the right family and a nurturing role model.

Of all the songs, Zoi's favorite is "God Bless America," which she was quick to sing for us. This little song bird has been described as a diamond in the rough. The Gift of Love could really make her shine.

If you'd like information on Zoi call our Gift of Love hotline, toll free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.