East Texan Stationed At Medical Center In Germany

Since the start of the war on terrorism, over 29,000 American troops have been evacuated from the battlefield to a medical center in Germany.  A Quitman native has been taking care of them, and is now featured in a news report, produced by the military.

We shared that report with his mother, who says she couldn't be more proud.

"I'm really proud he choose to stay in the military," Mariola Smith, Wayne's mother.

"Wayne is not especially in harms way to defend our country but it's an important job that he's over there doing," says Lee Smith, Wayne's stepfather.

Sergeant Wayne Broom, Jr. of Quitman has been in the military for 14 years.  The last 5 years, he has been stationed at the medical center in Germany, where the military news service shot this news report.

"It's the center of the hour glass for patients coming from the middle eastern region before they go back to the states," says Sergeant Wayne Broom.

"He is a staff sergeant over the team that takes care of all of the non medical needs of the soldier that are wounded that are coming in," says Mariola.

"When my colleagues are in danger I feel that it is important, I need to be involved with their care," says Sergeant Broom.

Wayne's mother Mariola, says it's been hard being so far away from her son, missing out on major events in his life.

"He got married.  A girl from Denmark and we didn't make the wedding. We did make the birth of our first grandchild, but just all of those things major events.  Like I said going from boyhood to manhood it's like we missed that in-between part," says Mariola.

But Mariola and Lee are proud of Wayne and know that he is helping his fellow soldiers.   "He interacts with them a lot.  He visits with them everyday and makes sure their needs are being met.  If it's necessary for the family to be there, that's really in a critical situation, he facilitates the transportation for the family and makes sure they have a place to stay when they get there," says Mariola.

They know that Wayne plays a vital role in getting other soldiers home to their families.  Mariola says her son is scheduled to come back to the United States in December. She hopes that he will be stationed in Texas.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com