Technology Makes Learning A Hands On Experience

These kindergarten's are learning about flowers.Yesterday, they went outside of and looked at daffodils in the flower bed of the Jones Elementary School campus. But there are not very many, and just one variety. So today, Brenda Orbaugh is taking them on a virtual fieldtrip.

"In New York City, they have a garden called The Botanical Gardens, and look at all of the pictures of daffodils," Orbaugh told the class.

When the field trip is over, they can watch a movie about flowers, too.

This Promethean ActiveBoard gives teachers like Brenda another tool to use in their classroom.

"Kids love anything that's technology driven, and tasks, that are sometimes tedious using manipulatives or using paper and pencils, are fun because there's lights and sound. There's audio," Orbaugh said.

The software is loaded with interactive games and lessons, that are so fun, sometimes the students don't even realize it's educational.

"They get immediate, feed back. It tells them, "Oops! Try again." The lights, the color, the movement. All the things that kids love," Orbaugh continued.

Brenda says the program helps motivate kids who are not necessarily natural learners. That means in her classroom, knowledge is in full bloom!

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: