Trash Piling Up In Big Oak Community

One East Texas man is fighting an uphill battle trying to get a small "mountain" of garbage cleaned up from his community. The trash is posing a bigger problem than just being an eye-sore. It's close to the shores of "Lake 'O the Pines" in a small community called Big Oaks.

James McClenan wanted to raise his children in a peaceful, wooded community but for last six years, he says he's seen his wooded neighborhood littered time and time again. "When I moved up to this neighborhood I noticed they added more to it they ought to have to clean it up," says McClenan.

His biggest concern is the monstrous piles of trash are everywhere, right across the street from his house, and 100 yards away a massive pile of junk. McClenan and his family are appalled at how much garbage is there. Tons of it have been dumped over the years and they're shocked at some of the things they've found. Old refrigerators, desks, huge bags of garbage, nails and broken glass, even cars have dumped at the sight. "Just don't dump your trash in the woods like this. It just trashes it up," James says.

He finds himself now watching his four children, very closely to make sure they don't use the dump as a playground. "Not real good with my kids running through here playing and stuff, it's not right," he says.

And it's not just unsightly, the dump site is only 600 yards from the shores of Lake 'O the Pines. McClenan has asked for help from the county and the water district.

Bob Hallmark reporting,