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3/5/06-Henderson County

Neighbors Try and Help Extinguish Fire

A fire destroys a home near Lake Palestine. It happened around 3:00 p.m. at 5140 Ridgewood Drive. That's in the Sunrise Shores subdivision just outside of Coffee City.

It took firefighters from two departments 45 minutes to put out the blaze. They're not sure what caused the fire, but firemen believe it started in either the kitchen or living room. Neighbors who saw the house burning tried control the fire until help could arrive.

"I hollered for some help, and my neighbor, he was coming across, running. So, we just grabbed a hose, and went for it," said Ronnie Wickware, who lives across the street.

Neighbor Troy McBride also tried to help out. "We got up there, and tried to start spraying it with water hose. Some other neighbors, Keith and his dad came over from the backside, with water hoses, and we started spraying it there. But by that time, it was just too far engulfed," said McBride.

In spite of their efforts, firefighters say the house was a total loss.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting,

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