13 Year Old Boy Stabbed

A 13-year old boy is stabbed in Longview, and police are still looking for his attacker. Police say it happened around 6:30 Thursday night in the 100 block of Pliler street. Officers say the boy was walking down the street when a car stopped in front of him. The passenger reportedly got out, and after an argument, stabbed the boy in the left arm. The boy was taken to the hospital and received eight stitches, and was released. Residents up and down Pliler street told us today, this incident has made them scared for their children's safety.

"Its very disturbing because when you have children of your own playing in the front yard , you don't want things like that happening" said Pliler resident Connie Bruner.

Police believe the attacker knew the victim's family, and the stabbing may have been part of a domestic dispute.