Lindale Hires New Football Coach

It's official. The Lindale Eagles have a new head football coach to lead them into a new era of athletics. Eagles offensive coordinator Mike Meador was introduced tonight at a special school board meeting. Meador has been at Lindale for 11 years, the last 9 as offensive coordinator. He's hoping to keep the coaching staff in place, to help make the transition from Gregg Owens as seamless as possible. Owens left in January to take over the Sulphur Springs program.

"The one thing that I want to continue to instill in the kids is high character," said Meador, "and just compete at a high level, whether we're out manned as far as athletic ability, we're going to go out there and compete and give everything we've got."

Worrying about being out manned is a idea not normally thought of in Lindale, where the Eagles have a long tradition of success on the gridiron. But, with UIL redistricting moving Lindale to 4A this year, it's become a hot topic.

"The district that we got put in (11-4A) is probably going to help us," said Meador. "The schools are similar size and so we can compete against them. It's still going to be a challenge for us, to step up into 4A and then to take my first head coaching job is a pretty big challenge, but I'm up for the challenge and excited about it."

But not everyone in Lindale is excited about it. His hiring was not unanimous by the school board. Todd Richardson was one of the school board members who voted against the hiring, saying Lindale is the only school district in 11-4A who's football coach isn't also the athletic director.

"I know Mike," said Richardson. "I think he's a good man, but for years, I've always felt like we need to have a combined position of AD/head football coach. I think it's a better move for the school district to move in that direction. I think it might happen eventually, but my vote tonight will not be as presented. It has nothing to do with Mr. Meador. He's done a great job for us as a soccer coach and assistant football coach."

Meador plans to do a great job as head football coach as well. Despite being in a district with the likes of Sulphur Springs and Texas High, Meador thinks the Eagles will be pretty good. He says he has 9 players back on offense and 8 on defense.

Kevin Berns reporting.