Illegal Dumpsite Off Old Longview Road

Cars stacked on top of each other, acres upon acres. This property owner is accused of trashing East Texas for profit.

An East Texan man is arrested for illegally dumping. Scattered across his property is cars, oil, and trash. The illegal dumping ground was found in Smith County at the intersection of Old Longview Road and County Road 3183. That's less than 2 miles outside Loop 323 in Tyler.

Now, the owner of the property faces felony charges. Officials say this is not the first time authorities have warned him to clean the mess up.

"All of this is an arrestable offense and he has been warned previously, twice. I've had him in court twice and he has promised to get it cleaned up and nothing has been done so far. A matter of fact there is more out here than the last time I came out," says Sergeant Danny Brasher, Environmental Investigator for Smith County.

Brasher says it looks like a salvage yard. "It's a non permitted salvage yard," says Brasher. Acres upon acres of trash, oil, batteries, tires and over 700 vehicles, piled up.

"These are felony offenses and he is suppose to be arriving soon. We will make an arrest off of this," says Brasher.

Within two hours, the property owner, George Butler arrived. "There's oil over here, batteries all over the place," says Brasher.

"I thought I got all of that," says Butler.

"So at this time, I only have one alternative. That's to place you under arrest for state jail felony charges," says Brasher.

Investigators say Butler was using the property as a makeshift scrap yard, selling parts off the cars. He now could face separate offenses for...

"Each battery, each container of oil or each drop of oil that is on the ground, that is disposed of illegally," says Brasher.

Once Butler is out of jail, he has 60 days to clean up the property.

Illegal dumping is a state jail felony, punishable by a $10,000 fine and/or 2 years in jail.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.