Tyler Couple Is Hit By Two Drunk Drivers In One Night

Ashlie and Danny Aguilar were on their way home to Tyler from Dallas last Friday night when a drunk driver slammed into their truck. While standing outside their vehicle talking to police, another drunk driver came speeding threw and hit them. They were rushed to the hospital.

"We were out the door in ten minutes," said Mark Dowd, Ashlie's Father. "I mean it was pouring down rain and it was the longest drive I made in my life." All week, Mark Dowd and his wife Sherry have been back and forth from Tyler and Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. Their daughter Ashlie is still in critical condition.

"Ashlie of course took a blow to the head," said Dowd. "I mean this car took her head on, right in the head. She was squatted down, I think when it hit her in the right side." Ashlie's husband, Danny was also hit. His leg is fractured in several places. Ashlie and Danny have been married five years and have a 3-year-old daughter, Gabi. Ashlie just started a new job and does not have medical insurance.

"She loved her new job and she hadn't been there quite 30 days," said Dowd. As a truck driver, Danny also does not have insurance. Ashlie's friends and family say they need help, something Ashlie was very good at doing.

"She always wants to make enough money to do something for everybody else, and she just has that kind of heart," said Toni Baxter, Ashlie's friend.

"She is not self centered in anyway form or fashion," said Dowd. "She takes care of everybody else before her. I don't know a better Christian girl." When Ashlie recovers, Dowd says he knows Ashlie will not be mad at the drunk driver who hit her.

"No, she won't be angry," said Dowd. "She will be thankful." Ashlie's family says both drunk drivers were arrested that same night. A tragedy fund has been set up in Ashlie and Danny's name. If you would like to donate you can stop by any Southside Bank locations.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com