Some Restaurants Have Perfect Scores, Others Have Many Big Problems

Dairy Queen at 1301 N. Dickinson in Rusk was inspected Feb. 16.

Foods were uncovered in walk-in cooler.  A device was missing preventing backflow of water at a sink. Throat spray was sitting on microwave. Grease was poured on ground at storage barrel.  Thermometer needed.

Total Demerits: 20.

No recheck ordered.

Pitt Grill on Highway 69 in Rusk was inspected Feb. 16.

Bacon, steak, and pie tested at 49-53F. Should be 41F or below.  Pie had been stored more than seven days.  Handwashing sink was being used for food preparation.  Oven cleaner improperly stored.  Blender and microwave needed cleaning.

Total Demerits: 18.  A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Lupe's Mexican Restaurants at 517 E. Rusk in Jacksonville was inspected Feb. 22.  Chili tested at 123F, beans at 126F, should be 41F or below.   No hand sanitizer for bare hand food contact.  Thermometer needed.  Mold in ice machine.

Total Demerits: 18.  No recheck ordered.


The Lunch Box at 3018 N. Jackson in Jacksonville.


Captain's Fish House at 214 Highway 79 N

Subway at 2121 Highway 79 S

Hazel's at 1333 Highway 79 N

Fillin' Station at 303 S. Main

Christy's Tex-Mex at 1402 W. Main

Taste Of East Texas at 105 E. Main

Blessing's at 110 E. Main

Bob's Bar-B-Que at 1205 Pope St.

Herschel's at 1607 Highway 79 S

Chicken Express at 101 Highway 79 S

Jarlinn's at 1504 W. Main

Azalea House at 1905 Nacogdoches Hwy.

Sonic at 500 Highway 79 N