Tyler Man Survives Getting Run Over By Truck

Physically Royce Townsend is sore and bruised. Recalling what happened to him Tuesday night is just as painful. "It was a horrible, horrible nightmare," says Townsend. He sat outside the TGI Friday's at Highway 69 and Loop 323 waiting for his son to get the car. He says two gentlemen, brought their night of drinking outside, but he ignored their comments to him. The comments continued though as Townsend's son walked up to help his dad to the car. A brawl escalated after police say 25-year-old Nicholas Boyken tried to attack Townsend's son. "I was trying to protect my son because I could see two of them jumping on him. So I swung the walker at him," says Townsend. That's how he fell to the ground, by the tire of Boyken's Ford Ranger pickup. Police say Boyken jumped into the driver's seat and ran over Townsend" at least two times. "I thought he was going to run over my head and then I dodged. I was told that he looked out the window and saw me and said 'I'll run over this so and so and kill everybody here.'" By this time, several witnesses ran outside to help. The smallest of which was Townsend's young grandchild. "Talking to her this morning, she's so traumatized. She's a sweet little girl. I told her I was fine and that I was sorry she had to witness all of that," says Townsend crying. Having had three back surgeries before, Townsend was released from the hospital with no broken bones. As far as a broken spirit, only time will help him mend.

Police believe alcohol played a part in Boyken's role in the brawl. They are waiting for results of a blood test. Boyken was also violating his parole for a prior DWI offense. Other charges from Tuesday night's incident are pending.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com