Starving Horses Found In Longview

A shocking case of neglect discovered in Longview that nearly cost several horses their lives. The animals were found starved to near death today in Longview. It was a difficult sight for even experienced animal rescue workers to see, horses so weak from hunger they could barely walk.

"I never understand it , I've seen this for years and years and i just don't understand how people can let their horses get this way" said rescuer Ruth Meadows of Safe Haven Farms Equine Rescue.

Kept on an oil lease property of Gregg-Tex Road, the horses showed signs of malnutrition. Their hair was falling out, and they were grossly underweight. Health officials say a mare, a year old fillie and a year old colt were so hungry they were eating fecal matter to stay alive.

"Obviously the horses are in bad shape, and when you see something that's out of the ordinary you try to find an explanation for that" said Kevin Cummings of the Longview environmental health department.

The horses are emaciated, their ribs are showing their spines are showing and they've lost weight. Investigators say it takes months of neglect to get a horse in this condition. Today, police and workers from safe haven farms took the horses away from their owner, John Graham. Just last week, he was warned by animal control to start taking care of them.

"They'll be held at another location and well taken care of until we can get the whole story and see where it goes from there" said Cummings.

"Horses are high maintenance animals you can just throw them out in a pasture and expect them to thrive" Meadows says.

Workers at Safe Haven say it will take about 6 months to nurse the horses back to health. The owner is expected to face animal cruelty charges. Bob Hallmark reporting.