Tyler Police Crack Down On Railroad Crossing Violators

It's a constant problem in our East Texas communities, drivers ignoring flashing red lights at Railroad Crossings. It not only can put you and a loved one in danger, but you can also be fined. This morning, Tyler police were out in full force looking for such violators. They were surprised to see a Tyler ISD school bus driver who claims he did not see the flashing red lights.

"I came to a complete stop and the lights were not flashing on the railroad tracks," said the driver. The driver got a warning. Police say there haven't been many train accidents in Tyler, but the potential is there.

"I think in most cases their simply trying to get where they are going," said Sergeant Herbert Hayter, Tyler Police Department. "If the train is not really close as far as they are concerned, they will take a chance and jump out there and beat the train." At the intersection of Palace Ave. and Claude Street, eight cars drove through, one right after the other.

"The odds of something happening may be slim, but my goodness you really take a chance of getting yourself killed by jumping in front of a train because a train simply can't stop on a dime," said Sergeant Hayter. When it comes to your life, and others remember, the red flashing lights mean stop.

Tyler police issued 15 tickets today, which range from $50.00 to $200.00. Tyler ISD says they've already talked to the school bus driver about the warning he received today and that they take such violations very seriously.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com