Bearette's Prepare For Trip To State Tournament

The Bearettes have reason to smile these days.  After all, they are one of just four teams left standing in the state of Texas in Class 3A. Since winning a national championship in fourth grade, this group has had high expectations. And their confidance is sky high.

"I feel like we're going to win," said senior Loren Brittany Brown, who moved back to Brownsboro this year after being gone for three years.  "I feel like we're going to win.  We have a great team.  If someone gets into trouble, we have someone on the bench ready to come in, stand up and fill our shoes."

But don't think they are too confidant. This is the same team that was upset in the second round of the playoffs last year. And with the execption of Shay Bowman, none of the girls have state tournament experience. Bowman made it as a freshman in 2003, and is quick to tell her teammates what to expect.

"I just tell them that whenever we get down there, there's not going to be any bad teams down there," said Bowman.  "We have to go down there and play to the best of our abilities, and how we know how to play, and how we've been coached, and we just have to go down there and play to win."

And win they have.  The Bearettes are undefeated in district the past two seasons, and have won 21 straight games,  34 of their last 37.  Coach Fred Griffin says this team is primed for a championship run.

"I just think we can do a little bit of everything," said Griffin.  "We have the personell to kind of match up with everybody defensively.

"It's crazy that when we were in the fourth grade we won the national championship," said senior Megan Frederick, "and now we're all back together again, and this is our last chance, and I think we can really do it this year."

The Bearettes will take their first step towards that state title Thursday when they take on China Springs in Austin at 3:30. The 3A state championship game is Saturday at 11:30am.

Kevin Berns reporting.