Chris Bell Stops In Tyler

Chris Bell, a Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate stopped in Tyler today. Bell, a current U.S. Congressman says Texans are disappointed with our current leadership and believes they are ready for a change. When it comes to education reform, Bells says less attention should be focused on standardized tests.

"I think most teachers have gotten to the point where they feel they are glorified test monitors," said Bell. "We're losing an incredible percentage of teachers within the first five years because of low pay, because of the quality of work and many of them will tell you, one of their biggest complaints about the quality of work had to do with so much attention being focused on the test." Other Democrats on the ballot for next Tuesday's primary election, Bob Gammage of Austin, a former lawyer. He's been elected to the State Senate, the State House, and the U.S. Congress, and Rashad Jafer, an immigrant from Pakistan and current retail manager.

Molly Reuter, reporting.