An East Texas Couple Goes The Extra Mile To Save Family Pet

From pampering to surgery, when it comes to pets, people go the extra mile. One East Texas couple did just that after their vet told them their dog Mollie needed a pacemaker, or she would die. Carroll and Dorian Roge got Mollie, a collie mix, 11 years ago.

"We went out in search of the perfect dog," said Dorian Roge. "She's a shelter dog and we picked her up at Petland."

"We didn't search long," said Carroll Roge. "She was one of the first we came across and fell in love with her." Last summer, the Roges love for Mollie was put to the test. During a teeth cleaning, Mollie's vet noticed her heart was not working properly. The Roges took Mollie to the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic for further tests and learned she had a third degree heart block.

"The hearts electric system is basically shot," said Carroll. "There is no synchronization between the upper and lower heart." Mollie needed a pacemaker to survive, a procedure that costs $2,600.00.

"When we found out Mollie has this heart problem we thought, ok if we had a heart problem medical science could fix our heart," said Dorian. "Why can't it do the same thing for Mollie?"

"We know that she's a dog," said Carroll. "There's a difference between a dog and a child, but we just know we were not willing on taking a chance of losing her. Mollie's a member of the family. She's a friend." Putting a pacemaker in a dog may sound high-tech and far-fetched, but in the United States about 200 pacemakers are implanted into animals every year. The Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic says each year it does about 15 pacemaker procedures on dogs.

Molly Reuter, reporting,