Hundreds Of Students Attend Truancy Hearing

Go to class, or pay a fine. That's what more than 100 Smith County students were told today in court. The students were in Judge Quincy Beavers' courtroom today for a truancy hearing. Many of the students have missed more than 15 days of school. Local college presidents were also at the hearing. They reiterated the importance of education to the students.

"You're going to have people that are going to tell you that you can't do something and that you can't be successful in life," said Dr. Billy C. Hawkins, Texas College President. "Everyone of you seated in here, young people, you can succeed in school. You can succeed in life, and you can be successful in anything that you choose to do. You just have to put your mind and heart to it." Judge Beavers didn't just fine people today. One 16-year-old student who missed 18 days of school, was told she could not attend any school activities or get her driver's license until she got her grades up.

Molly Reuter, reporting.