Smith County Candidate Forum

We're just about a week away from the March 7th Primary Election, and Monday, folks in Tyler had a chance to hear from candidates in several contested races on the local and state level.

Texas House, District 6 candidates, Leo Berman and Gus Ramirez, both say they'll fight for property tax relief. Question was: "How does the state make up that lost revenue?" It would be an estimated 5 billion dollar revenue hit if the property tax rate was reduced by 50 cents. The candidates had differing ideas.

"This can be done in a broad based business tax, by doing away with the exemptions and the franchise tax now, which allows nine out of ten businesses in Texas to escape paying the franchise tax," says 6th District incumbent, Leo Berman.

"The half cent sales tax, if it worked here it will work on a state level," countered challenger, Gus Ramirez. "It would just have to. Look at what we did here."

Early voting is going on now. Again, the Primary Election is Tuesday, March 7th.