Dallas Men Believed To Have Been Scamming East Texans

Deputy Constable Mark Waters, out of Precinct 5 in Smith County, discovered the scam after a traffic stop on I-20. He says the two men would display this lap top computer to a potential customer. After the customer pays $300 for it, they are given a freshly wrapped box. But inside would be a gray binder filled with magazines, making it seem like a real lap top was inside. "They admitted to me that they are street hustlers in Dallas and this is how they make a living by hustling people out of their money, by selling them what they believe to be an HP computer," says Waters.

Also confiscated was more than $5,000 cash on the two men, likely from recent sales in East Texas. There is a reported victim in Marshall who bought eight computers from the men. The victim has since pressed charges.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com