Jeff Doyal Robertson Convicted On Lesser Charges

The verdict is in. Jeff Doyal Robertson is guilty of a second degree felony... The lesser of 2 charges brought against him.

It was a little more than two hours of deliberation before Robertson was convicted of both aggravated assault and possession of a deadly weapon in a prohibited place. That charge, he pleaded guilty to at the beginning of the trial.

The focus of this case was whether the victim, Gary Joe Kinne, was a public servant at the time of the shooting. The prosecution re-iterated that because Kinne worked for Canton I.S.D., he worked for the government.

They say that made him a public servant; however, Robertson's defense attorney say it's unclear if schools fall under any branch of government.

Robert Perkins, Robertson's Defense attorney said, "There are three branches of government. The executive, legislative, and what else? judicial. Tell me where Gary Joe Kinne fits in those three branches."

Leslie Dixon, Van Zandt county district attorney responded, "Our schools fall under the executive branch; the department of education, the Texas Education Agency and schools. They are a branch of government. They are an agency of government. "

After the verdict was read, Jeff Robertson and his family were stoic and relatively unemotional. But, Gary Joe Kinne's wife-- Lori-- was visibly upset when she heard Robertson would only be convicted of the 2nd degree felony.

That carries with it the possibility of up to 20 years in prison.  Character witnesses are expected to take the stand tomorrow morning for the sentencing phase.

Lindsay Wilcox,, reporting