Some ATV Users Cause Damage To East Texas Highway

Authorities say riders from an ATV event over the weekend caused major damage to an East Texas highway.   The damage was found on the shoulder off US 259 in Gregg County.

The Texas Department of Transportation says a few ATV riders from this weekends Texas Redneck "Muddy Gras" are to blame. The riders left the ATV off-road park and were riding on the shoulder of the highway.

The riders and rainy weather cause thousand of dollars worth of damage. TX-DOT says the grass helps prevent erosion.

Larry Krantz, Public Information Officer for TXDOT says, "That's why we planted the grass to prevent that from happening and that's been foiled by people coming out here and tearing up the vegetation."

Gregg County Officials say if they find out who did this they can charge them with a Class C misdemeanor, punishable up to $500 fine.