Penguins Debut At Caldwell Zoo

There was no red carpet, but lots of tuxedos as some new birds made their big debut at the Caldwell Zoo. Ten black-footed penguins are now on permanent exhibit, thanks to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

The penguins are right at home swimming around in front of all their new fans. These are warm weather penguins, so there's no ice in the exhibit. The birds range in age from two to 20, and can live as many as 30 years in captivity. Yvonne Stainbeck, Curator of Birds and Reptiles for the zoo says that means they'll be around for years to come. "You want people to have a good experience, and here we try to have a little education and also have some fun. So, this exhibit is a lot of fun because you can see them above water and also see them swimming, and the kids have a good time getting right up, real close to them," Stainbeck said.

The black-footed penguin is listed as a vulnerable species, but is not in any immediate danger of extinction. The zoo says they will consider breeding the birds, once they've had some time to settle into their new home. You can see them, seven days a week during normal zoo hours.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting,