Power of Prayer: Do Angels Exist?

From movies to sculpture to the arts, angels are a fascination with both the faithful and secular worlds. The reason, says one East Texas pastor, is pretty simple.

"The fantasy about angels or at least the interest in angels is because there is a great spiritual void in the lives of people. And even people that aren't Christians are looking for something to believe in and angels are an easy entity to believe in," says Dr. David Dykes

Dr. David Dykes, pastor one of the largest churches in Texas, Tyler's Green Acres Baptist Church, recently released an updated version of his book, "Angels Really Do Exist." The book is intended to answer the questions and myths about angels. Dr. Dykes sat down with us to answer some of those questions like do people who die become angels?

"The biggest mistake people make is they think angels are people who have died and gone up to heaven and have become angels. Just like the movie "Its a Wonderful Life," Clarence coming back to try and earn his wings," says Dr. Dykes. "The Bible makes it very clear that angels are not people who used to live on earth. Angels are a specialty created divine order. Their divine beings that God created separate from human beings."

Do angels have wings?

"Some angels have wings in the Bible, not all of them," says Dr. Dykes. "The Cherubim, and Seraphim are described as having wings multiple wings. But most often in the Bible angels appear as ordinary men without wings."

What do angels do?

"The basic role of an angel is a messenger. That's what the word "angelus" means. A messenger. The thing that they do most of all in the Bible is deliver a specific messages God has for individuals. But it says in Hebrews Chapter One that they are spirits sent to serve. Those who are heirs of salvation. So their at God's beckon call to do whatever God wants them to do."

Are all angels good?

"The three angels that are named are Michael, the Archangel, Gabriel and Lucifer. And Lucifer is a fallen angel. There are other fallen angels that make up the demons under his fallen leadership. So not all angels are good. The Bible does speak about angels being involved in spiritual warfare with demonic forces. The words that are used in the Bible, describe regiments and battalions. That's how it would translate into our language. For instance when Daniel prayed a prayer that answer to that prayer was delayed because the angels said they had to have a battle with a demon over even getting the answer to that prayer. So I think that there are unseen battles going on around us."

What should we really know about angels?

"People are just ignorant about angels or their obsessed with them. I think Christians need to find out what the Bible says about angels. And that's the reason I wrote this book as a Biblical corrective to a lot of the weird ideas about angels. Angels are real. They are all throughout the Bible. And I believe they are in our world today. Once you understand what angels are and what they do you won't be looking for angels. You wont even be paying attention to angels you just be thankful to God that this is just one of the resources he has provided to help us."

Clint Yeatts, KLTV 7 News.

**Editors Note; Dr. David Dykes book "Angels Really Do Exist" is available at most bookstores across East Texas including the book store inside Dr. Dyke's Green Acres Baptist Church.