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2/24/06-Van Zandt County

Defense Takes Over In Day Four In Jeff Robertson Shooting Trial

What part did bullying play in the mind set of the man who shot Canton's football coach? As the defense took over, this morning, they began to establish a pattern, hearing testimony from Jeff Robertson's son about being continuously bullied since 7th grade. The family of Jeff Roberston talked about their frustrations with the Canton Football Department and its leadership today.

Barron Robertson, Jeff Robertson's son testified about many instances in which he'd been bullied. One incident took place during a football practice when Barron says his teammate attempted to throw a football at him. After practice the team had a cookout, where Barron said he received threats.

"I was standing in line to get my hamburger, and I had a group of people come ask me, and they said theres eight or nine people that want to fight you out on the road," said Barron Robertson. Barron's mother, Carol Robertson says she was in the school's parking lot on the phone with Jeff, when she saw the group of boys. Jeff later showed up at school demanding the coaches tell him what was going on with his son.

"I followed him, and I had to walk fast to keep up with him," said Carol Robertson, Jeff Robertson's wife. "As he was walking Coach Gill jumped in front of him and said whoa and Jeff pushed him out of the way. He (Kinne) just said whoa, whoa, whoa wait a minute. Let's just try and figure out what's going on." Kinne and another coach decided to ban Jeff from attending the football games, but Kinne said he later decided that was too harsh. As to why Jeff shot Kinne the morning of April 7th, is still unknown.

The defense called four witnesses today and then rested it's case. On Monday, the prosecution is expected to call another round of witnesses.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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