David Arroyo Places Flowers Where His Mother Died

It was just around lunchtime one year ago, several rounds of gunfire were heard echoing through the square of downtown Tyler.

The bullet holes in the marble of the Smith County Courthouse still remain.  It was a day that tested heroism from police officers, sheriff's deputies, 9-1-1 dispatchers and a good Samaritan.  The shooter was David Arroyo, Senior.

On Friday, his son, David Arroyo Junior placed flowers on the back steps of the courthouse where his mother, Maribel Estrada, was killed.  Arroyo says it was hard to come to the courthouse steps today, as it is, anytime he passes it on his way to work. He says he prefers to go to his mother's grave to remember her.

This morning Maribel's mother also made the difficult trip.

"I wouldn't have wanted my daughter to serve as an example for other things," says Ana Reina Estrada. "I would have wanted for them to listen. I hope they can help other women. I hope they can help other women who had the same problem she does."

David Arroyo Junior also placed a single rose where Mark Wilson was killed last year. He's the Tyler man who tried to stop Arroyo Sr. from firing anymore shots on the downtown square. Wilson was killed by Arroyo Sr. in the process.  Flowers were also left in memory of Wilson's sacrifice earlier in the day.

Dana Dixon Reporting