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Family Narrowly Escapes Longview Fire

An early morning fire in Longview has left a family homeless. It happened around 5 am at a home on Cole Drive. Two adults and three children where asleep in the house.

Fire crews rushed to the scene, trying to douse the blaze. But the fire quickly engulfed the home.

Everyone was able to get out unharmed, but the father of the children made a dash back into the home thinking his daughter was still inside and not knowing the children were already out.

"I thought she was still in there so I went back , knocked out the window in the bedroom, went through the hallway into the living room. The heat was so unbearable the window exploded in the den and I didn't see the child," said the homeowner Josep

Investigators say the fire may have started because an electrical problem.

Bob Hallmark, reporting

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