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State Representative Sues Primary Opponent

       The "gloves are off" in a vicious ad campaign for the District 7 State Representatives race.

    "Until my opponent apologizes and stops his lying campaign i will not appear with him for the rest of the campaign, only cowards hidden behind lies, my opponent is both a cowards and a liar" said state representative Tommy Merritt.

     In a press conference on the Gregg County Courthouse steps today, Merritt announced he is suing opponent Mark Williams for "defamation of character over scathing radio and t-v ads. Merritt says the ads accuse him of being a "do-nothing" politician, passing just 8 bills in 10 years. Merritt calls that, and many other allegations, outright lies that are beyond "mud-slinging".

     "We hope to meet in a fair and open campaign debate after he apologizes to me and my family for what he has done" said Merritt.

     The defamation suit was filed in Gregg County Court earlier today with no mention of what damages Merritt is seeking. We contacted Mark Williams' camp for reaction to the lawsuit, so far they have not responded. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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