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Lindale ISD Makes Eliminations Official

  Tough cuts made official, Thursday night, at the Lindale School Board meeting. The school board voted to cut programs and jobs throughout the district. Some classes are being eliminated, others just being incorporated differently. Nine teacher aides positions are cut. Eight teachers are being let go. Four were term contract teachers and four were probationary contract teachers. Lindale ISD says it did not have to make as many cuts as they thought because 22 teachers resigned. Many Lindale residents say the school board should be punished and not the teachers.

"All they have done is work with our children and educate them to make them better citizens and they are the ones who are getting punished by all this," said Verna Herman, Lindale resident. "They have done nothing to hurt our budget, to increase our taxes or anything, but the total budget or tax increase has been caused by the Superintendent and the school board." On Friday, 12 teachers were told they could be let go and four of them resigned. Tonight's cuts were made in response to Lindale ISD's $2.9 million deficit.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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