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Gary Joe Kinne Testifies In Robertson Trial

April 7th, is a day Gary Joe Kinne will never forget. But yesterday, he testified in court, that it started out like a lot of other days. He was in his office that morning, talking on the phone, when he saw Jeff Robertson walk by his door.

"I got up, and as I was walking to the door, I said 'Just a second, Jeff. I'm on my way.' I said, 'Just a second Jeff.' And I got up, and as I was walking through there, I said, 'Hey, what's going on? What can I help you with?" Kinne said.

Van Zandt County District Attorney asked Kinne, "Did he respond to you?"

"No," Kinne said.

"As I turned to face him, he pulled the gun up and shot me," Kinne said.

He struggled back to his office, and locked the door behind him. Kinne says he was afraid Robertson might come back. Minutes later, his principal knocked.

"I got up and opened the door, and I just collapsed," Kinne said.

He says by that time, he was in a lot of pain, and bleeding profusely.

"I was telling him to help me. He was getting towels and stuff," Kinne said.

The District Attorney asked him, "What was Mr. Oakely doing? Was he talking to you?"

"Yeah. He was praying in my ear," Kinne said.

"Did that give you comfort yeah," Dixon asked.

Kinne says he waited for medical help with his family by his side.

"I can remember seeing my wife and son."

"Were you able to talk with them?" the DA asked.  

"Yeah. Not really talk, but I told my wife I loved her. Take care of the kids," Kinne said.

He continued, "I remember getting on the chopper, and I told those guys, 'Get me to the hospital. If you get me there, I'll make it. I'm not going to die. Just get me there. I said, 'I won't die. It's not going to be at the hands of somebody like him."

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:


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