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Longview Mayor Addresses Sewage Spill

     The city of Longview has pledged to help repair homes damaged by a nasty sewage back-up earlier this week. City workers say a clog in the city sewer line Monday night was started by a tree root, and backed up sewage into 4 area homes off Sherwood Drive.

    The city's policy, dated from 1996, only states that the city will meet the homeowners deductible. In a press conference today , Longview Mayor Jay Dean says the city will seek to do more than just abide by an outdated policy.

      "I'm going to ask city council and staff to come forward in a work session shortly to revisit our policy and to change the policy accordingly with what today we are faced with" said Mayor Dean.

    No estimate yet on what the total cost of damage is to the Sherwood Area homes. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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