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Emotional Testimony In Robertson Trial

A former coach of Robertson's son, testified Robertson had been involved in two other confrontations with the Canton coaching staff prior to the April 7th shooting. But the most emotional testimony came from those who were there that day.

17 year old Jason Van Syckle was the first to find Gary Joe Kinne. He says when  he pulled into the school parking lot, it smelled like gunsmoke. He had passed Jeff Robertson on his way in, and noticed he was angry. When he headed into the fieldhouse he found Kinne lying in his own blood. 

"I don't know if I asked him, 'What happened?' or 'Do you need help, or whatever?' His words were, 'Help me. It's burning. Help me," Van Syckle said.

After Jason told two other coaches to call 9-1-1, Max Callahan, the school's principal arrived.

"I said, 'Gary, who did this to you?' He said, 'Jeff Robertson.' He said, 'Max, I feel like I'm going to die.' About that time, my assistant arrived," Callahan said.

Assistant Principal Truman Oakley said, "There was blood everywhere, and we were simply trying to help him. We found socks, towels, whatever we could gather around there, and soaked up the blood."

The assistant principal says he prayed with Kinne.  Then, Kinne asked him to send a message to his family.

"He said, 'Tell Laurie I love her. Tell GJ I love him. Tell Kelly and Landry I love them," Oakley said.

Kinne's trauma surgeon testified, his injuries from the shooting were so severe, he only had about a 15 percent chance of survival. Today, after the testimony, Kinne looked like he's doing well, as he walked and talked with some of his friends and family outside the courtroom. He is expected to testify tomorrow.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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