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Sewage Backs Up In Longview Homes

        A homeowner's nightmare in Longview tonight as a sewer backs up, sending hundreds of gallons of sewage into several homes. Damages from the backup are already estimated in the thousands.

     "Waters coming out of the toilet about 2 feet up and theirs literally a black wave of sewage coming out of my bathroom" said homeowner Raymond Rowe.

    Rowe and his family were asleep Monday night when a flood of sewage came gushing into their house. A clog, caused by a tree on a sewer line, backed up smelly sewage into 4 homes off Sherwood drive, ruining carpets and possessions. Longview mayor Jay Dean went house to house to see the damage first hand.

   "My responsibility right now is to make sure that we get our insurance their insurance together quickly and come up with a plan and fix the situation as soon as possible" said Dean.

     But insurance is now a problem. Some of the homeowners have been told by their insurance companies that they're not covered, because the problem didn't originate on their property. Rowe has already had 2 truckloads of his damaged property taken away and wants his damaged property replaced.

    "Theres just countless things inside the house, belongings and quite frankly i don't want to clean things i want things replaced i don't want things that have been in this i don't want it anymore" said Rowe.

      They're now pointing to the city for help, saying their homes were not damaged by any of their actions.

     "Its not going to take a band-aid to fix this, this thing has gotten up underneath the walls and I'm concerned about whats in the sheet rock" said Rowe.

    "Its our responsibility as a community to make sure we get Raymond and the others back up and running as quick as possible" Dean said.

    The city has hired a profession service to clean the homes affected by the sewage back-up. Because of clean-up efforts the families are forced to either stay in hotels or with families.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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