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Open MRI Has Better Images

East Texans needing an MRI now have another option. Texas Spine and Joint Hospital in Tyler has just received a new open MRI. An East Texas doctor uses this technology to help diagnose his patients' conditions.

"I was working on a fence and torn my rotator cuff," says Don Green. When Don Green needed to get an MRI on his shoulder, the traditional method was not an option. Because of his injury, he could not go into a closed MRI. This open MRI was able to provide him the same quality images.

"This is a 1.0T and about five times as strong which gives us as spine surgeons or physicians in general much better or clear images so we are more precise about what we do with those patients. We don't have to look around to figure where we are. We know exactly where we are going," says Dr. Michael Russell with Azalea Orthopedics.

He says this modern technology is also more comfortable for patients and only takes about 30 minutes. "The equipment was very accommodating, I guess you could say, plenty of room and it didn't bother me at all," says Don.

"The bed itself moves around so they can focus the magnet strength on exactly the right place. So say you have a shoulder problem instead of having it off to the side of the magnet it can be put right on the middle of the magnet so you get better film," says Dr. Russell.

Dr. Russell says this technology makes his job easier, and gives patients like Don less discomfort.

Doctors say the high field magnet open MRI is best for patients who are claustrophobic, or cannot fit in a standard MRI. We did some checking and found this type of procedure is available at different health clinics in East Texas.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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