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"Does It Work?"-2/21/06

Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron: "Does It Work?"

Ladies, if a product could save you up to 20 minutes every morning, you'd probably buy it. This week's "Does It Work?" product claims to save you that kind of time, especially if you're a regular user of one of those flat irons to straighten your hair. It's called the Remington Wet2Straight. But first it has to pass the "Does It Work?" test.

"Designed for wet or dry hair." The claim is right there on the package. It's the claim that sets it apart from every other flat iron we've seen. Normally, using a flat iron on wet hair is just not something you're supposed to do. The Wet2Straight is supposed to dry and straighten your hair in one step. There's no need to blow dry.

On days she wants it straight, this product will save Rhonda, a hair stylist with especially hard to dry hair, about 20 minutes every morning. A fellow hair dresser, April, will use the Wet2Straight on Rhonda's hair to help us test it.

When you first glance at the Wet2Straight, the first thing you notice is the little ventilation holes. Those are not standard on a regular flat iron. Once the power's connected, we're impressed with the 30 different power settings. Depending on your hair type, you can set the heat between 203 and 375 degrees. April, Rhonda and pretty much all the stylists in this shop use a high dollar flat iron called the Chi. It costs about 125 dollars, but they say it's worth every penny. "It is the best," says April. They use them everyday, but no one here would ever consider trying to dry someone's wet hair with a Chi. "That can be a little damaging," says April.

We start with the Wet2Straight on Rhonda's hair and the first thing you notice is steam. "That's a lot of steam, but it's dry" says April. A room full of professional hair stylists are stunned. We keep going. More steam, more stunned hair stylists. "It doesn't even smell. You know whenever you iron and you have water in it. It just smells like a steamer," says April. She says the heat, even at this highest setting, does not seem to be damaging Rhonda's hair. Soon, in the same amount of time it would have taken Rhonda to blow dry her hair, April had dried and straightened it. "We just did it in one step and it was really quick and easy," says April.

Rhonda says she's going to buy one right away. "Does It Work?"

We give the Remington Wet2Straight a "yes."

It was 25 dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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