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2/21/06-New Jersey

Online Site Picks Man's Everyday Wardrobe

Do you know what you're wearing to work tomorrow? We know of at least one guy who doesn't., and he's waiting for people on the internet to make the choices for him.

Imagine telling a guy exactly what to wear, from a striped shirt and jeans to gym shorts and t-shirt to flowered swimsuit and sunglasses. Want him in a cowboy hat? just click.

People from all over pick his socks.

He's like a ken doll to those online.

"A lot of people have said that. I'm the real life ken doll, " said Kevin McCormick.

Every day Kevin  asks what he should wear the next day. You pick from photos he's taken of practically every item in his closet.

Kevin wears labels like Banana Republic, not Prada.

Kevin is an IT manager at an investment company, and his boss had no idea his outfits were put together by popular demand.

"I was that guy who couldn't dress himself," he said. "This was the day where I had to tell them when I wore (a) hawaiian shirt to work my boss was like 'what are you wearing?' " 

Whichever items get the most votes, he wears. Website visitors even chose what he wore for his CNN interview. Aside from a few votes for flip flops, the result was conservative....

Striped shirt, black pants, simple black belt...

Kevin is photographed in every outfit selected, then he posts it on his website.

 Kevin says his audience is almost all female... Either 13 year olds who want to dress their boyfriends, or 45 year olds who want to dress their sons. His sock shots generate comments like "nice legs"...his cowboy hat got "did it come with a lasso?" after viewing the website, opening Kevin's closet feels like visiting a shrine...

His readers suggested he needed some pumas...he bought a pair and they rocketed to #1 in shoes.

"A lot of people have asked me why I don't put my underwear on the site, Kevin said." 

"And why don't you?" reporter Jeanne Moos asked.

"It's my underwear!" he exclaimed.

He may not know how to dress, but he knows to draw the line online by leaving his drawers in the drawer.

A report from Jeanne Moos, CNN.

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