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2/21/06-Lake Port

East Texas Soldier Returns Home And Talks About War In Iraq

When it comes to the war in Iraq, it's hard to find positive stories. Just this morning, the Associated Press reported a car bomb killed 20 people. An East Texan who served in Iraq the past year says the troops need to stay for our efforts to be successful. Sergeant Sederick Hill talks about his experiences in Iraq.

"People always remember the bad things," said Sergeant Sederick Hill. "They don't remember the good things, but the people of Iraq will remember the good things." Sergeant Hill got home last month after serving a year in Iraq. While at home, he's been watching the news, and says the media does not tell the whole story.

"They are not lying," said Sgt. Hill. "People are dying, but it's not to the extent of what the media makes it out be. We are over there to do a job and we are doing a job and we are doing it outstanding." Right now, there is talk President Bush may start to remove troops from Iraq.

"President Bush is the only person that can make that decision," said Sgt. Hill. "The more troops you have, the more support you have. The more support you have the greater chance you have of returning home. I prefer more people because it's more support." Other news coming out of Iraq indicates there is a shortage in supplies.

"The army is doing an outstanding job of making life better for the Iraqis, as well as, for the soldiers in Iraq," said Sgt. Hill. "They are bringing supplies. We never went short on anything." When asked about the soldiers' morale, Sergeant Hill says every soldier reacts to the war differently.

"When you first get there, the morale is kind of high because you know you're in a new place, but a quarter way throughout your deployment, your morale starts to go down and the main thing I can tell you is just stay prayful that you're coming home," said Sgt. Hill. Prayer is what got Sergeant Hill's family through this difficult time.

"He was happy, so I had to get behind him and stand behind him because he was happy,"said Debra Kelley, Sgt. Hill's mother. "I am proud. I am proud to have my son home again."

"Mainly what I would like to say to the family members that are watching, be prayful of your family members and they will return home to you," said Sgt. Hill. To the American people, Sergeant Hill asks for your support. He says the troops are doing their job by creating a better way of life for the Iraqi people.

While in Iraq, Sergeant Hill's job was to drive a large army tank. Everyday he would sit in the tank and wait until someone called for fire. Sergeant Hill will be home until the end of the month.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com

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