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McDonald's French Fries Headed To Court

McDonald's french fries are headed to court. Some customers are suing the restaurant, claiming they did not know the french fries contained wheat and milk ingredients. It's something McDonald's recently acknowledged, but says the fries will not harm people with certain allergies. The restaurant chain says it had the University of Nebraska verify again, their fries do not contain gluten-- a wheat protein-- and are allergen free.

The news has one East Texas mother furious with the fast food chain. An East Texas doctor even says McDonald's claims don't make sense.

Sunnye Robertson's daughter suffers from a condition that does not allow her body to break down dairy products. She didn't know until yesterday her daughter's health may be in danger by eating McDonald's french fries.

Shyann is 4 years old and is not allowed to eat anything containing diary products due to rare medical condition. "Galactosemia, no milk products what so ever or milk ingredients," says Sunnye. Since, Shyann could eat solid foods, her mom had allowed her to eat at McDonalds.

"I had called them and asked to speak to a manager and she told me there was no milk in the fries. She said I'll go get the bag and she went and got the bag and read the ingredients off to me," says Sunnye. She also checked McDonald's website for ingredients on their foods, especially the fries.

"I did research on that, there was no milk, no milk what so ever on the website. We researched so we thought it was okay and we were giving her french fries," says Sunnye. With McDonald's recent announcement, Sunnye believes the fries in her daughter's McDonalds happy meal could be hurting her daughter.

"We have been wondering where her high levels were coming from and researching more on our part and rereading everything. And now we find out this it's pretty upsetting," says Sunnye.

Dr. Jeff Williams a Gastroenterologist with Trinity Clinic believes the McDonald's fries can not have diary and wheat ingredients and still be gluten free and allergen-free. "It doesn't make sense, you can't say you don't have it and also say you have it. I think in this instance it has to be one or the other," says Dr. Williams.

For now, Sunnye can only wait for test results to see if the french fries are really affecting her daughter's health.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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