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Tyler Tax Symposium

If four different people were going shopping with your checkbook, wouldn't you be interested in what was on their shopping list? That was kind of what was going on Monday night at UT-Tyler, where the city's four major taxing entities got together to talk about budgeting plans for the next ten years.

The public forum included, Smith County, Tyler Junior College, Tyler Independent School District and the City of Tyler.

"While each of us have our own separate budgets, we don't all come together at one time to talk about what the impact is going to be in total," says Tyler Mayor, Joey Seeber. "So, people will get to see what plans each entity has for spending their tax dollars and how much the kinds of things we are going to have to do are going to cost."

Each entity highlighted major projects that are down the road.

The City of Tyler will add three new fire stations and faces traffic and drainage concerns. TJC plans some expansion projects. TISD plans three more bond elections between 2008 and 2013 to replace and fix up aging schools. And of course, Smith County has the jail project to decide.

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