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Girl Recovering From Gunshot Wound

On December 8th, Carmen Sander's mother got a call that would forever change her family. 

Rejean Evans said, "At that particular moment, I didn't think that she would make it, and just thought the worst."

Rejean was told Carmen had been in an accident.  She thought it was a car accident. When she and her husband, Pat, got to the hospital, they found out she'd been shot in the head.

"They said if she even made it through the first 72 hours, which they were doubtful of, she'd have massive brain damage, and she would probably have no comprehension and no motor skills," Rejean said.

After two weeks in the ICU, and eight weeks of rehabilitation, Carmen has shown everyone she's a fighter. First, she started talking again. Then she began standing on her own. When she was released on Friday, she kept a promise she made to herself  eight weeks ago.

"She told me, 'Just go ahead and put the wheel chair in the car, because I told myself when I came in here, that I was going to walk out', and she did," Pat said.

Carmen's back at home, and a week from today, she'll start school again. She says she's excited, to see her friends again.  But she says she's nervous the students will make fun of the protective helmet she still has to wear.

Pat and Rejean say they know, without a doubt, Carmen is here only by God's grace, and Carmen couldn't agree more.

She said, "God kept me here for a good reason."

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