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Graffiti Threatening President Bush

A disturbing discovery in Tyler. Graffiti, threatening President Bush has been spotted at several places in the city, including church property. This is grabbing the attention of not just local police, but federal authorities.

"This weekend we are seeing more of a threat to the President of the United States. Therefore as a result of that we notified the Secret Service," say Don Martin, Public Information Officer for Tyler Police Department.

Officer Martin says this comment is viewed as a threat to the President. This latest graffiti appeared at several Tyler churches over the weekend.

"We noticed it Sunday morning when we came into church. It's childish, it's a way someone is acting out in inappropriate behavior because they are frustrated or disagree with something the President is doing. Their is appropriate ways to do that and this is not one of those ways," says Dr. Jeffrey Wilson, Senior Pastor at First Christian Church in Tyler.

Dr. Wilson is not alone with his frustrations. "It's certainly inappropriate and I understand that people may want to express themselves but it really is a damaging our vehicles and certainly not the kind of message we want to convey as a church and part of this community," says Rev

Churches were not the only ones who found their property defaced. This graffiti was found at a local shopping center in Tyler off Troup Highway. However, it was quickly covered up.

"I think they need to find another avenue to express their concerns," says Tiffany Davault, Shopping Center Employee.

If the Secret Service determines that the graffiti is a presidential threat, the person responsible could face a fine and/or five years in prison.

If you have any information you are asked to contact the Tyler Police Department.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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